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Why You Should Read Design Tutorials
[2007-10-29] It is an interesting topic, most of us consider ourselves the masters of our field or talented enough to be able to figure everything out on our own.

Creativity in Development and Design
[2007-10-16] About six weeks ago, at the time my new website launched (with its new name), I presented business cards to a group of colleagues - they wanted to see the new identity.

CSS: Getting Content Wrappers to Wrap
[2007-09-24] You ever had that frustrating div that would stop just short of wrapping your content like it is supposed to?

Open Source Alternatives to Dreamweaver
[2007-09-14] I have used Dreamweaver for a long time now, before that just like most in the field it was notepad.

Moving from Print Design to Web Design
[2007-08-27] At Agency Fusion we frequently get to work with designers who are experienced in print but are cautiously venturing into the world of Web design.

CSS: Getting Safari to behave
[2007-08-13] Safari is one of those tricky browsers that aren't the most cooperative but there aren't many hacks for it that will work.

The Logo & Home Page Credibility Requirement
[2007-08-06] When visitors land on a website, the first thing they do is mentally evaluate in an instant whether they can trust the information on the site enough to continue.

Web Safe Fonts
[2007-07-23] Many of you have been asking, "What fonts are safe for me to use" and "What fonts are universal and good for use on the web," Well I am here to help.

Sandbox Theming: Pure CSS Asides
[2007-07-09] As you probably know, I'm a fan of Sandbox, the semantically rich Wordpress theme for hard-core theme designers. Honestly, I don't know why theme designers would want to work off anything else… it just rocks.

Who Do You Make Your Usable Site For?
[2007-06-18] As much reading, research, testing and study on all things user centered design, usability and accessibility that I do, what always sticks and leaves a lasting impression on me is when I watch someone try to use a web site application.

100 CSS Resources
[2007-06-11] I get a good amount of requests asking me to do things like exchange links or mention a specific piece of content.

Things Not to Do When Building a Site
[2007-05-29] I found this fun post about what not to do with a website on one of my mailing lists this week. Josiah hits many nails right on their respective heads here…

Finding Clients as a Freelance Designer
[2007-05-14] There are a lot of ways to find clients as a freelance designer, the one I am going to touch on today is a good way to go about it.

The DIY Design Trend
[2007-05-07] While cleaning out a big stack of magazines recently, I came across this article in Print that I'd marked as potential blog fodder.

Upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 3
[2007-04-30] Adobe Creative Suite 3 has been released for about a week now and everyone has had a chance to try it out and see what kinds of new things it can do or what new features it has.

Code Bloat and Search Engine Friendly Pages
[2007-04-23] Code bloat is one of my minor amusements when I'm evaluating websites. I enjoy looking at the source code of a web page and then scrolling down to see how long the code for the page is and mentally compare it to how long it should be.

Adobe Instills the "T" in Creativity with CS3
[2007-04-23] The Adobe Creative Suite 3 family offers you choice - in the combination of creative tools you master, the design disciplines you explore, and the richness and scope of content you create.

Simple Image Editing & Hosting
[2007-04-16] A mentor of mine once said, "The simple is beyond the complex."

Why Google Doesn't Like Frames
[2007-04-02] I'm currently working on a site for a client who has a site which uses frames, and he asked me why Google always linked to the "wrong" page.

Using Repetition in Your Designs
[2007-02-26] This is part two in the four part series about CRAP web design, which of course stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.

Creating Contrast in Your Design
[2007-02-19] Typically when people call something crap it isn't a good thing, but in the design world if your design is C.R.A.P then you are doing something right.

Still Banging Your Head Over Browser Resolutions?
[2007-01-30] If so, you're not alone. Three of the current top discussions at Cre8asiteforums are on the topic of web page resolution.

Building Somebody Else's Vision
[2007-01-23] I had an interesting issue come up with a client recently.

Accessibility: Seeing is Believing
[2007-01-18] I was thrilled to see Matt Bailey interview Lee Laughlin in his accessbility blog. I know Lee as well, and instantly liked her.

Web Designers: Succeeding Beyond Online
[2007-01-02] The field of Web Design is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the world of commerce.